Welcome to Ultimate’s first live storytelling series. It brings together the best storytellers and their local communities for unforgettable nights. Stories are a vital part of the deep personal connections that make up the sport and culture of Ultimate. These stories now have a home. The tales that captivate the stretching circle are now under one roof - we call it Flatball Radio.


Matt Mastrantuono [Co-Creator and Executive Director] has had a 175g addiction to Ultimate and it’s people since 2004. Known to many as “Milkshake,” Matt was a 5-year Rhino veteran and 2-year captain. In 2011, he quit his job to make the first feature length documentary on a club Ultimate team, “Chasing Sarasota.” He runs his own company, Blurred Lens Productions out of Portland, OR. You can find Matt eating a burrito while listening to a podcast or admiring his beard in the mirror for inappropriately long periods of time.





Tyler Kinley [Co-Creator] began his ultimate career playing barefoot in a New Orleans park, only to find cones placed around his group, having unwittingly stumbled into the local pickup game. He has since unwittingly stumbled through 12 years of this wonderful sport, and along the way has captained Seattle’s Sockeye in 3 of his 5 years on the team, led international training camps, embarrassed himself on twitter, captained and won a beach world championship, and made some of the best relationships in his life. In his spare time he works in commercial property management for Kidder Mathews, plays the piano, and spends far too much to fly home for the holidays.