Flatball Radio stories are inspired by a 175g disc. The narratives go beyond the field and share universal emotions from extraordinary experiences. These true, personal stories are told live on-stage with nothing but a microphone. It’s storytelling at its most basic; it’s storytelling at its best. 

flatball radio | Portland

*Thumbnail photos by Gene Buonaccorsi*

Chase Sparling-Beckley - "The Things We Don't Say" | While coaching Team USA in Italy, Chase receives a phone call that changes everything.

Kelly Hansen - "Why I Hate Self Officiation" | Kelly makes the case for referees both on the field and in life.

Andrew Schwartz - "Sometimes, Good Friends Lie" | A friend's benevolent deceit leads Andrew unwittingly to tryouts for a pro ultimate team.

Delia Chiu - "Toyko Purgatory" | Trapped in the Tokyo Airport, Delia confronts her therapist's assertion that she prioritizes ultimate over her PhD. 

Rick Huddle - "Liberace Toilet Seat" | Rick confronts his self doubt and career choice as he organizes Potlatch from his desk at work. 

Dan Shaw - "Northbound" | Dan turns to ultimate after a life changing morning at his childhood home.

Chelsea Putnam - "Barely Viable" | Chelsea realizes that life altering moments can be big or small. 

Flatball Radio | Seattle 

The trailer for the World Premiere Flatball Radio show in Seattle, WA.

Frank Nam - "Can't Stop Won't Stop" | Frank learns how some life obstacle redefines the meaning of wins and losses.

Dom Fontenette - "Arker" | Dom uses humor and poignancy as she tries to reconcile the suicide of her friend and teammate.

Ben Wiggins - "A Brief Moment in the History of Potlatch" |  has a lifetime of experiences in two seconds on the ultimate field.

Donnie Clark - "Second Chance" | Donnie gives ultimate another try after reflecting on a life changing second chance.

Tyler Kinley - "20/20" | Tyler is forced to face his own past following his mother's cancer diagnosis.

Gina Phillips - "After Ultimate" | Gina explores the world of life after ultimate.

Alysia Letourneau - "Silent but Deadly" | Alysia navigates the turbulence of young love with self reflection and fart metaphors.

Dom Fontenette and Ben Wiggins talk about their most embarrassing moments on the ultimate field.